Monday 31 May 2010

winner of candy and a new name... ive decided to go with "Freckles Place"..looked into it and its not trademarked so hopefully normal service can i decided to give the candy to the person who made me Laugh the most :-)..

and thats....

scrappyjacky  - who said....

Oh about 'more freckles than you'!!!!!!

please email me with your details and i'll get them posted out :-)



  1. Hello Freckle's Place~~
    Name is just as good, I like it as much, but I am a Debs aswell so it's Debs to me!!

  2. Glad I made you laugh....and good thing you left me a comment as google reader coudn't 'open' you!!!
    Will email you.....and many thanks.

  3. Hey petal, sorry about you losing your wee self! What a pain it must have been for you! Have left a wee post on my blog so people wont lose you for long!!
    I would have been told the said person to lighten up, its not like your a shop or anything!!
    Melly xxx

  4. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Debs - just having a blonde moment there!! I love scrappyjacky's comment too!! Juliexx

  5. Yea.. hun
    mr bloggers finding you now...Ive updated your url and I will do a post too... Glad you still have freckles....
    hugs Kaylou xoxo

  6. Sorry you had to go through all this just 'cos of a name!! Love the name Freckles Place though and everyone will still visit and comment on your gorgeous cards. Hugs, Denise x

  7. Hi Debs, Such a palaver. Some people just take the biscuit. Like the new name and thanks for putting the new address there.


Thanks for stopping by, all your comments are appreciated hugs Debs x


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