Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ive Lost My Identity :-(!!!

O Dear...seems ive been a naughty girl...apparantly a lady  trademarked the name "freckleface" back in 2005...

so there you have it cant call me freckleface anymore :-(

for now if you link anything back to me just put Debs
i feel a competition coming on :-)

so im gonna offer up a little candy to someone that can find me a suitable title for my blog and maybe a new nickname...i mean there are so many Debbie's out there ;-)
feel free to add this to your sidebar and leave me a comment with any ideas!!

Fre....oops...Debs x ;-)


  1. thats a shame i had a little think and i thought maybe you could call your blog'DEBS DYNAMIC DESIGNS' it just came into my head lol not sure of a nickname though xxx oh have put candy on sidebar xx

  2. Hi Debz
    ooohhh!!!! thats harsh hun...
    mmmm.... How about...
    'The Artist'FKAFF....

  3. Hi Debs..oops there's a slap on the wrist !! lol. I am sure you will come up with a name that in time will become bigger and better!!will have to have a think. Will get back to you!
    Have a great weekend
    Lisa ;)

  4. People used to call me freckleface fartypants when I was little lol ,,, can't really use that tho can ya !! err I also use to get freckleface carrot top,, so ,,, how about Carottop ?

    pity about freckleface tho ,,, :-)

    Lols x x x

    will post this fun comp in my candy bar :-)

  5. Awww I'm so sorry about this for you .. how unfortunate :( not so good myself at thinking of any new names but how about SmileyCheeks / RoseyCheeks /BlushingCheeks / CheekyCheeks :) ... I thought about these after looking at your smiling picture. Hugs xx

  6. Sorry to hear that you can't use the name. I'll have a think about a new name for you, being a Debbie myself I can imagine how difficult it is, it took me ages to come up with a name, I'll get back to you. Hugs Debbie x

  7. Well thats not good news is it...sorry for you...what a lot of messing about you just cut it to Freckles....still cute and sort of recognisable for all followers etc; good luck with everything anyway.xxxx

  8. Oh about 'more freckles than you'!!!!!!

  9. My goodness, how inconvenient! Can't think of any suggestions just now - definitely NOT my forte but I'll get back to you if I think of anything (just don't hold yer breath!!). Take care, Hun. Susie x

  10. Flip thats a rotten shame! But why not just shorten it to freckles.

  11. "The Artist Formerly Know as Freckleface?"
    What a shame! Got to agree with the lady above though, Freckles is as good as any!

  12. could you not be frecklefacedebz or debzfreckleface . lol

  13. me been thinking some more how about Freckle speckle or maybe freckles fab finishes or maybe fabulous freckles xx

  14. How about SpecLSpace - a play on words Speckle's Space but there is a Jamaican singer called Speckle so that rules out the latter but I can't see why SpecLSpace should be a problem. It sounds like Freckleface so there is a connection for people in the know but not so as to infringe copyright hopefully - as I suspect anything with Freckle is going to create problems. You could have the blog name Spec L Space & sign yourself SpecLSpace or Speclspace. It could equally be something to do with Spectacular's Space....... just some thoughts. Am putting candy in sidebar.
    Take care
    Paula (PEP)

  15. Hiya Debs,

    just seen this via another blog and I know its bad but I had to have a little giggle, I call my daughter that on a daily basis, and was called it myself! glad you have found another name :O)

  16. Debs...just been reaing your news...I have to laugh at Kaylou...but I'm glad you have found a new name....but as you say it's all just for fun!!


  17. Hi Debs,how inconciderate of them! hope you find a suitable name, freckles and me, only thing I can come up with I'm afraid, well it is almost midnight! good luck, nnalorac

  18. I agree...I like freckles! :)

  19. How about "sunkissed spots"! that's what they are after all!


Thanks for stopping by, all your comments are appreciated hugs Debs x


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