Monday 3 May 2010

Ok no card today..just evidence that i really sat next to Ade what was the most surreal night/morning!!..yes we didnt get in until 4:30!!!
so..Hubby's band..well i say band it's him and Scott and sometimes Alan...were invited to play the aftershow party for Wath folk we winged free tickets to watch the show..and the headline act was "the bad shepherds" - Ade's band...and they were we moved on to the aftershow gig..we saw them sat in a corner quietly eating pizza and Scott went over to ask them to sign his thing they had asked them to fetch their gear round and give them a performance..i seized my opportunity and plonked myself next to Ade..shamefull i know ..but then he kept asking me stuff..and i was so shy...i went all "i carried a watermelon" on him and just babbled..but as you can see thats me in the white top :-)...watching the lads play...i should give a shameless plug here too and mention they are called "the Barsteward Son's Of Val Doonican"..they have a web page and several song on you tube if you want to check them out!!..i highly recomend "falsh"..but steer clear of the gerbil song if you are easily offended!!! have been WARNED!!!


  1. Sounds like a great night Debs!
    I watched the Rick Astley skit on Utube - me and my daughter were in stiches !

  2. hi Debs
    oh sounds like great nite out, early bed 2nite then, lol, sue,x

  3. Debs...I'm glad you enjoye yourself...looks like he's got his eye on you in hat top pic!!


  4. Look at you Debs, you'll be walking up the red carpet soon lol. Sounds like a real exciting night.


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