Friday 13 August 2010

And the Candy goes to.....


Ok so ive just been looking and i only need 300 more hits to reach 20,000..i mean whats that all about??!! to thank all my lovely followers im offering up a little candy :-).....but its going to have a bit of a twist....
ive been lucky enough to receive quite a few awards from my blogging buddies lately but im really rubbish at posting them on here but want to let you all know they are very much appreciated here's where the twist comes ....i would like you to leave me a comment telling me which of your blogging buddies really inspires you and why THEY should win my yummy secret  candy :-)...but.... thats not all.... you will also receive a bundle of yumminess too!!!.....sooo what else do you need to do??....nothing!!...i dont want it spreading through blogland its for my regular followers/commentors...if youve happened upon me by accident then of course feel free to follow and join in :-)
i will draw a winner on Friday the 13th....who says its bad luck!!

the Candy will remain a mystery until then.....

Debs x


  1. WOW Debs!! What a lovely twist to your candy. This is a difficult one but I think I would have to go with Paola Levi Her work is just outstanding and she's such a Sweetie too! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity. Lotsa luv xxxx

  2. What a great twist Debs! Hmmmmmm, this is hard cos i love em all but the person who I think deserves a little bit of luck at the moment is the fabby Lindyloo
    She is such a lovely and supportive person with a very big heart and she hasn't had an easy time of late. I think winning your candy would put a big smile back on her face!
    Thanks for letting us play along!
    Ps. In answer to your question, tell your hubby that you have a fear of Tilda! That way you can justify buying A LOT more stamps to face that fear. Tell him your therapist told you that this is part of the cure!

  3. Oh, that's easy for me. I nominate Holly from Hog Wild About Stamping! She's fantastic, and does great tutorials and is very supportive (about stamping and life in general)! What more could you ask for?! She's also very generous herself so she deserves to win something for herself.

  4. Hi Debs,
    What a fantastic twist for your Candy - great idea hun. My bestest blogging buddy Ali deserves to win your candy. She is always there with a comment on other blogs, always gives support when I'm feeling down, she enters loads of challenges with some fabulous cards and I love her to pieces!! Without her I wouldn't have stayed in blogland so I think it would be a great surprise for her to win this fabulous candy.
    Dawn xx

  5. I'd like to nominate kathy ( win some ymmy candy for her inspiring makes and for being a great forum friend.

    love your candy idea!

    ** Kate **

  6. Well Debs after much thought which was difficult as there is so many lovely bloggers out there who deserve to be rewarded with something nice...but there are 2 friends I think deserve your candy, now I know you said only one but if you were to pick me then I will be willing to give up my candy as I really can't decide between the 2 of them and they both deserve something. These 2 fiends have given me support and inspiration from the very beginning and they faithfully leave comments on every post I make which I really appreciate although I do appreciate comments from everyone ...they both like to share the events they have expeienced thoughout the week providing lots of laughs to everyone who reads their I would like to nominate Faye and Lindsey...hope the little linky thing works.


  7. Hi Debs ... this is really difficult.. as i have made some really fantastic friends here in blogland and there are so many crafters that i admire - but one lady who i am totally in awe of is Cherie of Every new project just takes my breath away . She is a very talented lady - but also very kind and a lovely person.
    In second place is Lindyloo as nominated by Lindsay earlier. She deserves some luck!
    And she is always there to offer support and encouragement when i am down, despite her own troubles.. If i won i would like my prize to go to her
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Congratulations on so many hits - well deserved
    Lisa ;)
    Thanks for the chance

  8. Hi Debs
    Ooooohhh mystery candy eehhh!
    Well I'm guessing I can't nominate you chick so..... I think Dena
    she always has some gorgeous work, and I love her colouring and embellies.
    OOOoooohhhh and congrats on 20 000 hits
    Hugs Kaylou xoxo

  9. Hi Debs oh what a fabby twist to candy x mmm who can I choose I have so many friends here in blogland but I think it will have to be sue
    of scoopysstuff I first met sue on docraft site and she helped me through my split and divorce to my first hubby.sue and gr her hubby then came when I married wayne and took all the photos and did an album for us as our wedding pressie She is always there for me and is a super dooper friend
    lindyloo x

  10. Hi Debs
    I don't know why but i am still not receiving any of your posts on my blog even though I am a follower.
    Great makes recently. You have been busy!
    thanks for a chance to win some candy. I would nominate Angela at Her work is outstanding. I really wish I could meet her one day
    Love sarah X

  11. are so many lovely and talented bloggers....but I think I would nominate Sian []she's so well as being a talented crafter...and her posts are so amusing.

  12. Without a doubt, pause or hesitation it has to be Clare:
    Clare "found me" in February, a lonely little crafter, and gave me the key to blogland! Since then I have met sooo many fabulous people, learnt sooo many tips and my cards have really improved (I hope!) Thankyou, Clare! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  13. Ok so its been a few days for me to really think about this! And now i have eventually decided!
    Susie is my friend who totally deserves your Candy! She is always there for me with her great comments and wee "pick me ups". She is so talented and loving and such a great friend!
    Thanks Debs for doing this fab wee candy!
    Hugs Melly
    Ps i still think you should be able to win too!

  14. Hey up Spadge! What a brill idea! I would have picked you, but I can't, so I'm picking Kerry Martin...
    She's v.talented and such a lovely lass, but more than that, she's just getting over breast cancer... still having her ups and downs and winning this would really cheer her up. Oh! and it'd make my day too! :)

    Meesh. XX


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