Thursday 26 August 2010


Ok as you all know im really rubbish at posting awards but seeing ive had 4 in 1 week i figured i better share the love :0)

now the first award i recieved 3 times but with slightly different im just gonna chuck everything together!! :0)

1) i have to thank the person who sent the


2)post the award on my blog - check!!

3)List 3 things about me and list 3 things i love
things i love....
my husband
my children
my family and friends

about me!?
ive never seen or read Kez despite being from Barnsley!!
im doing a charity firewalk at Halloween in full costume!! 
im as mad as cheese!!!

4)Show a picture you love - aaarrgghhh - im a regular David Bailey (cough) and couldnt choose just 1 but i did get the award 3

me & my Mr :0)

my beautiful Milly Moo in Wales last october..i love this piccy as its so natural :0)

now this is an old one i believe it was Casey's 5th birthday (he's 10 now) but has alaways been my favourite photo of him!! :0)

5) pass on to 5 people...this is the bit i hate as you are all uber ill come back to this in a mo

my final award if from the totally wonderful Fi

thanks hon...
and i have to pass this onto my 7 favourite blogs ...

so.. i know its a cop out but i really cant choose... so all of you who visit feel free to take it because you all deserve it :0)

Debs x

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