Monday 5 July 2010

Festival Piccies

Ayup..well we had a fabulous time at the Beat-Herder Festival in Lancashire over the was glorious sunshine on saturday and we had a ball...
ive never been to a festival before and the atmosphere was amazing..ill not bore you with all 250 photo's (i am trigger anyone who knows me will tell you i have a very strange sense of humour ive put a few together some normal and some portraying my humour (sorry!!)

The Main Stage

Mr Motivator gives us a workout!!

the security crew join in...

the boys rocked the working mens tent ..."all we need is radio ga ga!!"

the crowd were swinging.....literally ;-) (this was passed to Dan...needless to say we didnt take up the offer!!)


me n my mister..Danny Doonican and Debbie Dooniwag :-)

the crowd eagerly awaited

and the boys took to the main stage..

the arty

yes this really is a tent full of bongs....

and for the rest..youll either get my humour..or you wont!!

Hop around the solar system..

can someone lend me a couple of quid???

strictly for the schpongled


all the bands had their own plantpots!!


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  1. Hiiiiiii
    I'm sorry but I can't get that jungle book song out of my head now!......I'm the king of the swingers yeah....jungle v.i.p..
    hugs Kaylou xoxo


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