Friday 2 July 2010

Awards :-)

so a week or so ago the fabulous Lindsey gave me a couple of awards.. but its the first time ive had a minute to post them!!

ahhhhhh :-)

now with this one i have to tell you either 6 lies and 1 truth..or 6 truths and 1 lie and you have to guess which is which :-)

1. I was born in Cyprus
2. I hate dark chocolate
3.Im from Barnsley but ive never seen or read Kez!!
4. My uncle used to live next door to Ian Lavender of dad's army fame
5. My hubbies band were named Barnsley band of the month last month
6.I get motion sick playing racing games and when i watch emmerdale and eastenders
7. I lurve fresh cream cakes

i also want to pass both of these awards on to all my followers but especially
Lindsey right back at ya (maybe you could do another 7 things coz yours were so funny!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh thanks so so so much petal!!
    Your too good to wee me hee! I think its 6 truths and 1 lie!! and the lie is .........."3.Im from Barnsley but ive never seen or read Kez!!"???
    Hugs melly xxx


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