Tuesday 30 October 2012

an ebay warning

I don't often do this but I feel I have no option now but to speak up about a lady I have been dealing with on ebay...hopefully it may help any of you out there that have not already had dealings with her..some of you may have already seen this on my face book but I hope to reach more of you through my blog as this person bids internationally also..

the lady in question is called Vicky Hall..she uses the following ebay account (Steve Hall) the ID  is steveh2743 
initially i had issues with her payment..she said she had paypal issues and was trying to sort them out..around 3 weeks later she paid for her items..all her correspondence  has been really friendly like she already knew me.. I posted nearly £45 of stamps out..normally I would send recorded and just didnt (still giving myself a good talking to about that) anyway 3-4 weeks later she asks when had I posted the items as she was off to the sorting office the next day as they hadn't yet arrived.. I gave her the dates etc and the following day she messaged me asking me to open a missing post claim with Royal Mail as she had checked with her neighbours and they defo hadnt been delivered..because I was going on holiday I explained it may be quicker for her to do as either party can claim but she said she had issues with the woman at her post office so if I did it she would wait for my return to sort it all out.. I arrived back this week from holiday and whilst away she opened a claim with paypal and received a refund as i wasn't here to respond.. now ordinarily I would just think well these things happen however she has done this several times to fellow crafters including Carlyanne who runs charisma challenges and her friend Debs Mitchell....using exactly the same lines each time..issues with paypal etc.. I have reported her to both ebay and paypal for fraud however if any of you have had similar issues please consider reporting her to ebay..the more of us that do the better chance we have of stopping her...for anyone else i suggest you consider blocking her..  as a buyer and save yourselves some money... if anyone else has been affected please spread the word..we all work hard and she is baltently stealing from us

Debs x


  1. Thanks for the heads up Debs.
    She sounds like a total bi**h, and a seriel stealer. I hope Ebay take it seriously and they can stop her trading and buying, they have done it with people before, so hope they do it.

  2. sorry to hear of your bad expierence and thanks for the warning!! Hugs Juls

  3. hey Debs...i've stopped selling stuff on ebay as this happened to me a couple of times although not from this buyer...I had to cough up the money for the goods I sent and I just reading between the lines i think the buyer did receive the goods...so not for me anymore.


  4. Hi Debs
    I am so glad I looked at your blog today.
    This person did the same thing to me.
    She bought a lot of stamps from me before Christmas last year.
    My story is the same as yours. I also know of another seller who has also been scammed by her.
    We both reported her to eBay and pay pal, but dispite saying they would look into it, they have done nothing.
    I think she re-sells the stamps and then claims she hasn't recieved them.
    She bought £25.00 worth from me, all quite new. She must have defrauded dozens of people and I think it has become a police matter now.
    If you need back up with eBay or PayPal contact me at mickjg@blueyonder.co.uk
    Chris x

  5. Can you not report this to the police fraud dept. She should be stopped and given a fine the same as she would if she was caught shop lifting.


  6. 21/11/2012 - We now are aware that she is also using the name - beaveringawayatcraft as well hunny xx


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