Tuesday 19 June 2012

Blonde Hair Tutorial

Hi peeps.. I'm back with another tutorial..this time for Blonde hair as I have had quite a few requests..now there are loads of different combinations you can use but I prefer a brown blonde look...so these are the colours that I will be using...Buttercup, Pastel Yellow, Mustard, Gold & Raw Sienna..

this time I'm colouring up the gorgeous TGF Miss Anya..still one of my favourite stamps..

 ..I've started by laying a base coat all over with my lightest colour..Buttercup..you don't have to do this but I find it helps with the blending process (especially when using Copics)

I'm concentrating on the fringe first and using flicking motions I've added my Pastel Yellow leaving a gap for the part i want to "shine" :-)

then again using a flicking motion I've added Mustard being careful not to go all the way over the Pastel Yellow

..then again with the Gold...

..and finally adding just a touch of Raw sienna for the areas likely to be darkest...

..I have then just gone over again with Buttercup to take the harshness out :-)

I then start repeating the process for the rest of her hair..

again deepening the areas i feel will be darkest

 and it should then look something like this... :-)

The End :-)


  1. Wow thanks Debs, this has helped me thats for sure, will try this out. Debbiexx

  2. Hey Debs, this is great, thanks for the pointers. Will definitely give this a try.
    Dawn xx

  3. fantastic tutorial debs.thanks for sharing :D
    mmmm just noticed your eric pics, i love true blood.

    xx coops xx

  4. Fab tutorial,thanks for sharing
    Lindsay xx


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