Saturday 13 August 2011

Simple Water Droplet Tutorial...

Hokey Coke so a few people have asked how to do the water droplets...i am by no means an expert and all i am going to do is pass on how my friend Michelle Cassell showed me...except she was much better..but hopefully it will give you a few ideas and encourage you to try something new :0)..I Practised on scrap paper until i felt confident enough to add them to my image...

Step 1

for my metalic flowers i used the following PM's -  Denim Blue, Duck Egg, Grey Green, Tea Green..
i started by colouring an area of scrap with tea green...i then used a white gel pen to create the top part of the droplet (this would be where the light hits it), and then added the bottom with grey green (as this will create the shadow and "ground" your droplet)

Step 2

next i fetched the grey green in a little further to create more of the shadow

Step 3

i then added duck egg this time fetching it further into the droplet and also to the outside to help give more definition...

Step 4

i then repeated this with denim blue again fetching in a little further and again a little more on the outside of the droplet

Step 5

i then repeated the process with tea green

Step 6

i went over the droplet with the white gel pen..this time adding a little to the inside bottom again where the light would hit... 

 Step 7

i then repeated the whole build the colour up..obviously i was taking photo's inbetween and you will get a better result blending if you work quickly whilst the ink is still a little wet

Step 8

next i added a line of WG 5 to deepen the shaded area

Step 9 

finally i repeated the colouring process again until i was happy (ish)..again going back over with the gel pen

this type of droplet would work on a flat would use the same technique for the ones rolling down the grass just changing the shape to a teardrop...these colours were just for the droplets on the flowers just change your colours to match whatever your colouring...

and my finished card in case you missed it first time :0)

as i said i am no expert but hope you've found this's only the second tut i've ever done :0)

hugs Debs x


  1. stunning card and just the most amazing droplet!
    vanessa xx

  2. Thanks Debs and gorgeous card!

  3. Deb your a gem, honestly this tutorial is priceless. I have already bookmarked your tut, I wasn't happy with my efforts, you really have learned me something new. Thank you so much xxxxx

  4. That tutorial is great, thank you! Love your card!!

  5. wow Debs I am impressed...that's very effective!!


  6. awesome work!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Very cool Debs! Love your step-by-step pics! And your card is adorable! Viv xx

  8. What a fabulous tutorial! Thanks so much for that.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, too!

  9. Hi hun
    brill tutorial, luv the water droplet it looks brill, gorgeous card, sue,x


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