Wednesday 17 November 2010

WOYWW and a card....

Well for months now i've kept seeing people with WOYWW post and after seeing the lovely Sues super tidy workdesk i figured i'd join in for a change...the hope is that it will shame me into a big tidy should probably come with some sort of health warning!!

OMG i swear it looks even worse!! the right is my telly and as you can see i had a date with Miss Jones yesterday on my day off :0) may be able to make out a pile of cards under the telly..these are mostly xmas orders that need personal messages adding..and under those are a selection of 12x12 papers....theres also a baby card and box thats not quite finished but the baby isnt due til this weekend so ill probably share the front right are a mixture of half finished cards..digi prints, off cuts etc promarkers are in the  tub to the left and as you can see although i have a fairly big craft mat i barely have room to actually cut any wonder what it will look like next week??!!..see Kaylou..i'm not as tidy as you think ;-)

ive also got a quick card to share as it was my friends birthday its not for any just "because"....

hope you likey..thanks for stopping by

Debs x


  1. Hiya chuck,

    That's tidy compared to my kitchen table which hasn't been eaten off for weeks! Can't wait for Christmas to be over tbh... at least the Christmas card makes will be put to bed for a while and I can hopefully get a table back :)

    Gorgeous card btw.

    Meesh. xxx

  2. Oh lol debs - no need to feel too ashamed - my dining room table looks just the same - maybe worse!
    Lovely little card
    Lisa ;)

  3. Really cute card - glad you joined in this week!

  4. Hi ya hun
    welcome to the fun, enjoy ya snoop
    lol now thats what i call a very busy desk, erm creative, im sure you can push back a bit more! lol, totally gorgeous card,is that my desk ya on about?? it doesnt look like that often honest hun! lol, have good eve, happy WOYWW, sue, (29).x

  5. Love the card you have on your desk!

  6. Don't worry about the mess. My desk is always messy. Great card.

  7. ha ha ha ... think I can just see Dan's hand poking through.....heeeeellllllpppppp!!! Ooops not he's gone under.
    Hugs Kaylou xoxo

  8. I love someone who can be creative rom a messy desk, there's hope for me yet.

    ** Kate **

  9. I love your cute card - your friend will love it. My desk is fairly tidy at the moment, but that's VERY unusual - it's normally MUCH more like yours! Susie x

  10. Thats tidy compared to my mtable.But then i say a messy table is a creative one!My excuse and im sticking to it well past 2 weeks anywya!
    Have fun
    hugs judex41

  11. that is a busy table alright, your friend will love the card. TFS

  12. It's a cute card! Welcome to WOYWW...I have to say that it won't make you tidy - because it hasn't worked for me in 75 weeks!!

  13. Certainly a busy desk here but lots of nice things have been brought out to play with. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)

  14. Yessssss!!! A desk like mine!!! I have actually tidied mine up in shame, however, there's crafting to be done today so it won't last long!!!!! Fab desk :)

  15. Love the creative mess debs and the card is adorable. Carolxx


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