Monday, 23 November 2009


I've won an award!!! - How cools that!! Thank you so much Susielou, i did receive it last week but ive only just had chance to post it!! And here's the fun bit - answer these questions with only one word:

Where is your cell phone? Somewhere!!
Hair? Growing
Mother? Cyprus
Father? Cyprus
Favourite food? Cheesecake
Dream last night? None
Favourite drink? wine
Dream goal? Retire
What room are you in? computer
Your hobby? Crafting!!!!!!
Your fear? Spiders
Where do you want to be in 6 years time? Home
Where were you last night? Crafting
Something you aren't? Thin
Muffins? Blueberry
Wishlist item? Bigshot
Where did you grow up? Everywhere
Last thing you did? Made tea
What are you wearing? Glasses
Your tv? on
Your pets? Dog
Your friends? Inspiring
Your life? Brilliant
Your mood? Thoughtful
Missing someone? Sometimes
Vehicle? Yes
Something you're not wearing? Jewellery
Your favourite store? Funkykits
Your favourite colour? green
Last time you laughed? 25mins ago
Last time you cried? Saturday
Best friend? All
One place you go to over and over? Work :-(
Person who emails you regularly? no-one
Favourite place to eat? Home
Facebook? Yes

How hard was that!! I'm also going to pass this on to 3 lovely people who either follow or leave comments on my blog.. here goes ....

Kaylou aka Kraftwheezle.
Juls aka the glitter chick

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