Sunday 15 April 2012

Hair Tutorial 2 - Red/Ginger

Today I'm sharing my Favourite colour combo when colouring Red/Ginger hair..hope you find it useful :0)..Im again colouring the gorgeous Saturated Canary digi Smashy Bob :0)

You will need the following colours..Oatmeal, Honeycomb, Spice, Burnt Orange, Rosewood Flex

if you don't have the flexmarkers you could try using Chestnut in the PM's for the darkest colour :0)

so it's the same principal as the Black Hair Tut .. I lay down the base colour this time Oatmeal and then build up with a flicking motion...

next up is Honeycomb

then Spice...

and Burnt Orange.. 

I then went over again with the same colours to build up the definition..

I decided it still needed more depth especially at the roots so went in the the Rosewood Flex..

and then repeated laying down all the colours until I was happy..

I again sectioned off the next part of her hair to make it easier to colour...and started again with the oatmeal building up as i went along

and this is the end result..

remember the hair will tend to be darkest at it's roots and underneath where the jaw line is....or if it's pushed back with a clip or in this case a pencil...

thanks again for stopping by..any questions feel free to get in touch ..I'll do my best to help :0)
Hugs Debs x


  1. fab tutorial honey... i will have to try that combo... its one hair colour I struggle with...
    Hugs xx

  2. Brilliant Tutorial Debs, thanks for sharing it.
    Hugs Mau xx

  3. Great tutorial - thanks Debs - love that colour of hair.


    hazel x

  4. Your tutorials are just terrific! Thanks!!

    love Mags B x

  5. Hi hun
    great tutorial thank you, sue,x

  6. Mmmmm, methinks I obviously need more markers as I only have Honeycomb! Any excuse, huh!! Fab:0) Susie x

  7. 2 extra ProMarkers purchased and red/ginger hair session commenced last night. Thanks soo much for sharing this tutorial. For a 1st attempt I was very pleased with the results.
    Can you please share blond hair next? Pretty, pretty please ;) x


Thanks for stopping by, all your comments are appreciated hugs Debs x


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