Monday 9 April 2012

Basic Skin Tutorial

I often get asked about the Pro Marker colours i use for skin..
so here's a quick tut on what works best for me :0)

these are my preferred colours

I start by going around the edges and what I think will be the darkest areas with Coral..also adding line where the nose is to help add extra depth

next up I bring the colour in further with Sunkissed don't have to be too neat as we will blend at the end

I then add colour to the cheeks with Baby Pink...

and finally i go over the whole area with Putty...

and that's the basics....the gorgeous image is "Smashy Bob" from Saturated Canary :0) I've said before I'm no expert this is just how i do it ..hope it helps..
Hugs Debs x

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