Saturday 17 March 2012

Step by Step Cloud Tutorial

Evening bloggers..well I promised some tut's and a lot of you have asked about cloudy as I said before I'm no expert but I'm happy to share how i do things ..grab a coffee and check out my step by step guide :0)...

Step 1
hand draw a cloud.. *TIP* I've used a letraset fine liner as it won't bleed... if you don't have one pencil is best as some pens will run into you promarker ink

Step 2
choose your markers..I've used Cloud Blue and Glacier Blue in the flex markers but regular PM's work just the same you could try Powder Blue and Pastel Blue :0)...

Step 3
Cut out your cloud..

you could try using more than one cloud...

or stick a couple together...remember there are no hard and fast rules..

*TIP*.. if your worried about your drawing ability you can always pick up some DP's and cut those out

Step 4
Place your cloud over your image so...

then start adding your darkest colour...i just flick outwards...but not all the way around ..only the top don't have to be too neat with this as it will be blended out later :0)

Step 5
Move your cloud to the next part of the image..being careful not to colour over it :0) should look something like this...

Step 6
don't be afraid to flip or rotate your cloud it will make it less "samey" *word??

Step 7
continue until you have covered the entire area you wish to be cloudy :0)

Step 8
now start going over the areas that have been coloured with your lighter colour just extending either side..again it doesn't have to be precise :0)

when finished it should look a bit like this

Step 9
go over all of the sky with your blender pen..i start in a corner and work around in circular motion with the chisel should already notice a difference

Step 10
Leave to dry and if necessary go over a second time with the blender should then find you have a much softer looking background :0)..

well that's it..hope you've found it useful..if there's anything else you would like a tut on please let me know and i'll try to help....

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check back tomorrow to see my completed card

Hugs Debs x


  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this tut for us Deb's, you make it look so easy. Cant wait to give it a go x
    Shell xx

  2. Thank you, Debs, this is terrific!

    love Mags B x

  3. Great Tutorial Thank you, love the cute image. Lou x

  4. wow what a wonderful tut... i am sooo gonna try this when i get 5 mins.... i am waitin for me fleximarkers to arrive..i ordered them yesterday.... lol.... and may i say thats some good lookin eye candy on your blog 2... i got side tracked half way down.... lol

  5. fab tut, def need to have a go at this. Thanks Debs

  6. great tut, need to have a go at this & expand my skills x

  7. Thanks Deb!! That was an awesome tutorial!! Your card is gorgeous. That scene you created is fantastik and just in time for Spring and Easter. Love it!

  8. VERY smart!! Great tutorial!! xo

  9. FAB cloud tutorial gorgeous card well done Debs Thank you Hugs Elaine I am now following .

  10. great tutorial - thanks!!


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